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Whether you are a complete novice or an expert collector of Spanish Philately we hope to cater for everyone - if we don't know perhaps you could fill in the gaps! We are based in the UK but have a worldwide membership. 

The Spanish Study Circle was founded in 1956 in London to promote the study of the stamps and postal history of Spain and its former colonies. In 2003 the Study Circle was elected to membership of the Spanish Academy of Philately.

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January 2021 

New Issues


150th Anniversary of

Madrid Press Association

          Wonders of the Modern World

          - Colosseum Roma

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2021.01.19 150 Madrid Press Association.

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2021.01.25 Deprortivo Alaves Sports Club
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100th Anniversary         100th Anniversary

Osasuna Athletic Club   Deportivo Alaves                                                Sports Club

The "Espana" magazine

The Study Circle publishes a magazine two times a year. Articles are needed, news, queries or anything else that you would like to share about Spanish Philately. Contact the editor.

ESPANA Vol 62 nº1 available


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Due on the 1st January 2021

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The Society exchange packet has restarted sign up to be part of the circuit. 

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Contact the secretary                              spaincircle@gmail.com                                          01904 796 825